Buy David Kornfeld a coffee


David writes music for theatre and other settings. His show HAYMARKET won the 2019 Jeff Award for Best New Musical. He lives in NYC with his wife Sarah and pupper Zola.


Even JS Bach was a huge coffee fan back in the day. He even wrote a mini-opera called the Coffee Cantata—check it out, it's amazing. And guess what? So did I! Along with my lovely frequent collaborators Alex Higgin-Houser and Laura Stratford, we wrote a musical called GROUNDS: A FRESH-BREWED MUSICAL. It's a love letter to coffee and all who partake of it.

Since then, coffee has fueled the creation of all of my musicals, like HAYMARKET (available on Spotify) and 57th NATIONAL MATHLETE SUM-IT (licenced by TRW). So if you want to support me continuing to make musicals, a delicious coffee is legitimately the best way you can do it! Every little sip helps when you're hustling the hustle.

Thank you!

PS-If by chance you'd like to help out even more, we're trying to raise $10k for an upcoming HAYMARKET reading.