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My name is David López, I am an amateur photographer based in Navia, a small town on the Asturian coast. Since I can remember, I have felt a great passion for travelling, and a strong curiosity to know new places. It was, through this hobby, that I bought my first camera, but due to the lack of technical knowledge, I was not able to capture in my photographs what the place transmitted to me. Due to this frustration and how heavy it was for me to carry the equipment, I decided to get rid of it shortly after. It was at the beginning of 2018 when I bought a mirrorless camera. the fact that it was so easy to handle made me enjoy photography again and it was then that I started to go on my first exclusively photographic outings. and as it could not be otherwise, I quickly got hooked. the fact that I live in an area with such a privileged coastline as the western part of asturias, and the adrenaline that being near the sea gives me, made it almost an obsession from the beginning to try to capture these feelings with my photographs. Whether it is a
Although, as I have already said, coastal photography is my great passion, I equally enjoy any kind of landscape photography, whether it is mountain photography, night photography or forest photography.