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I'm a recent graduate from the University of Maryland, College Park and news/politics junkie from Baltimore. Monday through Friday, I send out The Baltimore Bulletin, a newsletter about politics & news in the city.

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Liv bought 5 coffees.

This is such a good goddamn newsletter. I can't recommend it enough. You do an amazing job at contextualizing national- and state- level news while fully covering Baltimore news and keeping connected to Baltimore community. This is one of the only news sources that I could comfortably recommend to someone who doesn't love or understand Baltimore--it paints a full picture of the problems facing the city as well as the people working to change it.  

Lizzie is now a member.

this is long overdue but thank you so much for your work!!

Someone bought 3 coffees.

the Klacik comment worth 15 dollars (and more if I had it!)

Lewis M Laury Jr
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Love the Content. Thank you for keeping me informed.

Lauren Lamb
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