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Hello LOVE!

Thanks for being here. You have opened a secret drawer. Buy me one coffee and I will show you my mental panties in the form of weekly stories and magical events.

Buy me a coffee and you're in my heart. Forever. I think of you every morning and last thing at night I send you a blessing.

You get to feel less alone because you see yourself in another human soul, smeared across your screen. 

Becoming a MEMBER is different than buying me one coffee. Monthly MEMBERSHIP is for people who know, like, and trust me.

A SUPPORTER buys a single coffee. Supporters back this middle aged jiggly women. You're not sure yet if I  make good art. If you love the words I write, supporters can always level up. 

Whether a member or supporter, if you believe there is still brightness in this weary world, then you have landed in a good spot. Bright is what this jiggly gal makes.

Above is an example of the work - the poster for a short film I wrote / co- produced / acted in. KID GLOVES is the story of a lonely housekeeper who develops an obsession collecting glove thumbs while a little girl goes missing. Important! It is a ROM - COM! 

I wrote it to take on ageism.

The project I am working on every day right now is A YARN OF BONE & PAPER. It is the story of a strange servant who loses a child and chases her across a dangerous world of dark fairies.

The novel is twisted, dark and empowers people who are living in the basement of their life. 

Here's why I need you to buy me a coffee - 

To make pro stories, you need funds. Once I get 200 people to buy me a coffee I will approach corporations and ask them to support me with the big bucks. 

Back to you. 

Here's proof I DO make stories and why you might buy me a coffee:

A Yarn of Bone & Paper (novel)

Hoody (play)

Life as a Pomegranate (play)

The Hush Baby (play)

Containers (play)

Yellow Birds (play)

Honey, Be (poetry)

Are Club (feature film)

A Mickey Full of Mouse (play)

Kid Gloves (short film)

Merkhaba (short film)

O My Dog! (play)

Faeries Real & Imagined: How to Create Magical Adventures for Very Young Children (manual)

....all projects have been funded privately.

Oh do move magic forward - buy me a $5 coffee (once or monthly).

Whether you choose to be a monthly member or a one time supporter, thank you, friend.

Love & light,

Dawna Joy Wightman

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