May 24, 2021


A lot of people will read the graphic and think solely about romantic relationships. However, this can be applied to ALL relationships... family, friends, lovers, student/teacher, boss/employee, neighbors...

Givers who do not pal around with other givers will find themselves drained by relationships. Things will regularly feel one-sided. You find yourself with unmet expectations, disappointment, feeling used, like a doormat.

If you’ve never “known” that before, because you’ve never been with another giver before to see it in action, you just think “this is the way it is” or that everyone in the world is a taker.

I’m in my first romantic relationship with a giver. 8 years in 😍 Small things to big things, spoken wants and needs to unspoken, it’s amazing to have someone truly be there for you, the way you have always been there for others. It permeated all my relationships. Now I work with a giver, have a text group of givers, friends that are givers.

I have no (only) takers in my life. Sure sometimes they show up but, they never last long because your vibe (plus good boundaries) gives you your tribe.

If you’re a giver with too many takers around, it’s up to you to do something about that. Don’t spend your whole life making excuses for other people not giving. Go out and get what you need! If you’re a giver, you deserve to know what the experience feels like. I’d recommend some Brene Brown on boundaries. (Yes I am beating the boundary drum again because they’re SO important).

If you have givers in your life, acknowledge that! Let them know how great it feels, how grateful you are for it 💛

Happy matters warriors. Go get you some and go share it with others. The choice is always yours.


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