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Hey 👋 I just created a page here. Subscribe here for $5 a month and receive a data sheet with daily updates on the best picks for your Moment Ranks Play Lineup!

Please add your email address to the message so that the Spreadsheet can be shared with you.

Step 1: Join the Boards2Buckets Discord


Step 2: React 👇

React in the #stats2cash-join channel & your access will be confirmed as soon as possible


Step 3: Receive STATS2CASH SUBS role

@dbarri12 will reach out to you via DM to get your email & confirm your access to 📈-︱stats2cash-sheet


If you can't see the channel above then you don't have access!

We'll be looking to automate this process much smoother - but for now, this is what we have!

Moments are also an accepted form of payment. Below are the breakdowns:

Gift to TS: Dbarri12
DM on twitter with email address + proof of gift.

1 Month

2 x Any S3 Lakers
Any S2 Laker
Vintage Vibes Chris Bosh
Cool Cats Bogdan Bogdanovic
Devin Booker 40k
Jamal Murray 15k

3 Month

Cool Cats Chris Paul
Cool Cats Gordan Hayward
Tyrese Haliburton 40k 2 Badge
Anthony Davis 15k

6 Month

Paul George 2021 Playoff 3-Pointer
Cool Cats Zach Lavine
Seeing Stars Anthony Davis
Mason Jones 4 Badge Layup
Saben Lee 4 Badge Steal
Naji Marshall 4 Badge Assist
LBJ S2 Block 40k
Archive Carmelo Anthony

1 Year

Rudy Gobert All Star Game 2021
Mike Conley All Star Game 2021
Julius Randle All Star Game 2021
Alex Caruso Throwdowns
Cool Cats Fred Van Vleet
Cool Cats Russell Westbrook
Cam Reddish S1 Steal
Alex Caruso S1 Block
Cool Cats Anthony Davis
Montrezl Harrell Throwdowns