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This is a short but valuable quiz that will empower you as a parent to identify just how prepared and on track your family is to eventually send your child to college. 

We believe every family wants to send their college-bound teen to the best possible college for them at the lowest possible cost.  However, that simple goal can get quite complex and confusing!

Most families proceed towards college with a fragmented or incomplete understanding, often a result of varying knowledge, interests, and communication with different parties:

·  Parents

·  Kids

·  College counselor

·  School counselor and administration

·  Teachers

·  Coaches

·  Club leaders

·  Mentors

·  Friends

·  Financial advisors

·  Financial aid advisors

·  The media

·  Colleges themselves

When you take this quiz you will receive a unique and detailed custom report outlining where your family stands on the path to college, and what kinds of steps you may need to take to get the best possible results. 

It should take about 5-10 minutes to complete, split into 8 short sections, each covering a different dimension of college readiness. 

We believe this brief quiz is well worth the effort!