This is a major overhaul from me.

I modified the export/import script so now it will consider whether you export/import high res. or LOD geometry.
That means you won’t get displacement shader and there is no subdiv for the highpoly version of the geos.
Also, there is no subdiv and the Displacement intensity is 0 by default for the 3D Plants as well.
And a few more tweaks.


Download then replace the two original file in your Megascans\Library\support\plugins\maya\6.9\MSLiveLink\Megascans
folder. and

Tested with the current 6.9 version of MSLiveLink.

Recommended download settings for Quixel Bridge:

Recommended export settings for Quixel Bridge:

Use the same texture settings for all asset types.
Surfaces, 3D Assets, 3D Plants, Decals, Atlases.

For models this is my recommended settings:

This way you’ll get high resolution models.
If you want the Displaced version turn off the Highpoly Source option.
Of course, you still have to fix the Displacement textures (see my previous posts, R -> RGB issue and incorrect offsets).

I could not test the Redshift version in render.
Also, if you have any issue just write a comment.

Cheers, D