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Daydream Believers is a weekly podcast that is for music lovers, those who can go on and on about mental health and almost everyone else. We get together every week to talk about songs that make us cry, admit very embarrassing stories or go deep into what makes us human.

Now you can buy us a coffee to support the pod, which we are incredibly grateful for. Obviously coffee is the key to a successful podcast right?? Just kidding!!!!

We are Elle & Elle, two 20 something year olds with a passion for music.

One of us is a Life Coach who helps you to see the very best in yourself, achieve all you desire & all around feel connected and joyful from within.

The other is a First Time Mum who honestly is still trying to figure out what it means to be a mum, and doing so while chasing a toddler. 

Our goal is for you all to say to yourselves, “I DO THE SAME THING!!” That’s our job here. We want to remind you that you aren't alone & to celebrate all your wonderful quirks.. while listening to fantastic music of course.

We appreciate any support from you all. It will help us bring you more value, entertainment and amazing guests! We also want to give back and host giveaways, surprise episodes & specials. So stay tuned!!