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Hi. I am an artist seeking to do what I love for a living - create art and write stories. My goal is to write and create characters, scenes and stories for my book, "Don't Let Me Fall". It will start off with Volume 1 - "GREED".

I'm both an ESL Tutor and Graphic Designer by trade, but these drain both my physical and creative energies, making it difficult to do what I truly love. With additional sources of income, I could safely and responsibly dedicate more time to completing this first volume and move on to Volume 2 - "Origins", which is a prequel to the main story.

If you enjoy stories similar to Game of Thrones, Marvel Comics and the "Firefly" TV series / "Serenity" movie (2005), this series may just be one worth your time. To confirm, this book will be a fictional fantasy drama.

Benefits of being a supporter:
- Exclusive access to source files, sketches, 3D models, etc.
- Behind the scenes and my creation process.
- Additional videos exclusive to my Patreon and BuyMeACoffee subscribers.
- Everything promised in each tier will be delivered. Guaranteed Promise.

If you'd like to support me but prefer to remain anonymous, I also have a Liberapay Page here:

PS: My BuyMeACoffee page is a mirror of my Patreon page, so need to support both unless you're just being lavish!

Most updates will be posted on my Ko-fi page and YouTube channel but, all exclusive content, including those from Ko-fi, will be available here on BuyMeACoffee.