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Hello human BEings!

Deanna Sophia here, the "Artistic Mystic formerly known as Danger," offering teachings & coaching to cultivate trauma-sensitive mindfulness for rawthentic BElonging + wellBEing. Here you'll find tid bits of inspiration & knowledge that I include along with my dedicated coaching sessions, as well as links to connect further and practice your own wellness journey with me.

As Louis Cozolino puts it, "we are not the survival of the fittest, we are the survival of the nurtured." I believe wholeheartedly that mindfulness meditation supports this shared journey. As a non-binary, queer, neurodiverse, survivor myself, I lead trauma-sensitive coaching sessions, which are suitable for all identities and backgrounds and are an absolutely beneficial piece of everyone's self-care toolkit. I coach from the perspective that most folks have experienced trauma in their lives at some point, which also includes systemic oppression, physical and mental illness. 

My topics of interest include:
- Mental & Emotional Wellbeing
- Harm Reduction
- Non-Shame Healing
- Anti-Oppression Living
- Media Mindfulness
- Mindful Astrology
- Earth-Sustainable Living

This Buy Me A Coffee site offers a way to donate & support me as a working class survivor, in the Buddhist tradition of gift economics known as 'Dana.' Whether you dig what I share here, at my blog or on Instagram & Twitter, or wish to contribute monthly to my ongoing trainings, all generosity supports our collective journey into a more radically compassionate world.

Thanks for visiting! May you be well in midst of all that unfolds around and through you.

-Deanna Sophia-

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