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CAL update for May 2, 2022

May 02, 2022

For the month of May I will be sharing CAL updates here, and I'm planning (hoping!) to do that daily. Please bookmark my page, take a look at the posts and even better, comment on them too!

I've added a post with some comments in an email sent to me by Deb, one of the participants in my Relaxed Creative crochet program. She's unsure which size shawl she's going to make - which size are you going for? I don't think I can do alt-text here, so here's what Deb's comments say:

I wanted to thank you for an amazing YouTube video yesterday. I will admit that I am always early to login with eager anticipation. I purposely did not visit any LYS yesterday for 2 reasons. I don't need more yarn and I wanted to see your presentation.

Back to your shawl, my first instinct was to do what you call the smaller shawl. Boy is it long but I like it is shallow. Once you started to illustrate the difference with the larger colour blocked shawl I was hooked. I really like the idea of 2 increases in the increase row, a soft mid way point that is more crescent shape true point.

OK, I am hooked (get the pun?) this will be a wonderful project to compliment the course and give me a larger project to work on.

You amaze me that starting your broadcast with technical difficulties you are able to pull it all together and motor on. Loved your intentions.

At this point I still have no decided on my yarn. I need to feel happy about the yarn. To have happy vibes and keep me interested. I truly loved the idea of new beginnings, spring and starting anew. This is exactly where I am in my life.

Thank you for all the positive thoughts and inspiration.

I've also added a post for pictures of the yarn that people are planning to use for their shawls. I can't wait to see the yarns you pick out. Shari has got two hanks of Camper by Kelbourne for her shawl and the colourway is Strawberry Heather which I think is a gorgeous choice.

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