Buy Dean a coffee


👋 Hey, I'm Dean! I build web applications and tools for Twitch streamers!

If you like what I'm doing, you can now buy me a coffee, pepsi max or even some pizza!

I'm currently working on:

- FlorenceBot - a Twitch chat bot with game giveaway system, clip tweeting system and many more features

  - Currently in use by Fremily, TwitchLondon and SpecialEffectTeam

- Fremily chat extension - allows users to view chat name colours and badges, in their browser, just like Fremily do with their on-screen chat!

- StreamVODs - a service for Twitch streamers to link their YouTube VODs with Twitch chat. Currently working on pricing and extra features then it will be made live. If you want access to the private beta, subscribe as a Tier 3 and I'll give you access :)

- A service for streamers for creating alerts and taking donations. Currently in development, likely to be in private beta middle of the year

- Some secret projects.....

All donations are greatly appreciated! ❤☕