Buy Dean a coffee


👋 Hey, I'm Dean! I build web applications and tools for Twitch streamers!

All support is greatly appreciated and will go towards the hosting of one of my many projects!

I'm currently working on:

- FlorenceBot - a Twitch chat bot with game giveaway system, clip tweeting system and many more features

  - Currently in use by Fremily, TwitchLondon, ingamegf and SpecialEffectTeam

- Fremily chat extension - allows users to view chat name colours and badges, in their browser, just like Fremily do with their on-screen chat!

- Subpoints - Add a Twitch sub counter or Twitch subscriber points counter to your stream

- StreamVODs - a service for Twitch streamers to backup their Twitch VODs to YouTube, including saving chat so viewers can watch back as if the stream was live!

- A service for streamers for creating alerts and taking donations. Currently in development, likely to be in private beta this year

- Some secret projects.....