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Welcome to this page! 👋

My name is Jason and I’m an adopted Georgian. 

I've decided to create this page for people who would like to support my channel Dear Woke Christian but want to know more about it. So if you want, you can buy me a "coffee" on here - which in my case really means “iced coffee”, “Earl Grey tea”. “London Fog” and “Boba tea” with my kiddos.  Thank you so much! I appreciate each and every one who supports me and my channel.

In my videos, I talk about the clash between CRT and the Church of Jesus Christ. My desire is to challenge my supporters to consider and compare what they’re hearing from the Woke crowd against God’s Word. I also address Cultural and Progressive Christianity. What I hope to do is to show my viewers that God’s word and His plan are so much better than what we're doing. 

You can watch all of my videos on my YouTube channel, follow me on GAB, follow me on Instagram (@dearwokechristian) or my blog for behind-the-scenes content, get even more insights, and participate in a monthly Q&A session with me! :)


I'm a husband of one, and a father of two. I’ve lived in Atlanta for 29 years. 


I started Dear Woke Christian as a response to the turmoil of 2020. I saw the error in thinking within the Christian community and I wanted to provoke us to think Biblically about issues. So I started writing letters. My hope is to stir up conversation and critical thinking above emotions. Though emotions are good in context much of what's being pushed is "Act now, think later". That's far removed from a Biblical approach and I wanted to stir my brothers and sisters to ask better questions. 

Thank you so so much! for your support and greetings from the Peach State,