Buy Debbie O'Brien a gluten free beer


Hey 👋

If you fancy buying me a beer then that would be great. I am probably the only developer in the world who doesn’t drink coffee. 🤷‍♀️ A beer would be amazing 😍. The more beer I drink the more amazing content I create. 🤭

Make sure you follow me on youTube and join me for some Nuxt fun: 

Thanks. You're the best!

Samuel Horn af Rantzien
Samuel Horn af Rantzien bought a gluten free beer.

Nuxt superhero!

@syropian bought 3 gluten free beers.

Debbie has been absolutely killing it with the educational Nuxt content! Enjoy the beers!

oh you are the best. thank you so much. I am really going to enjoy those beers. I promise you. And of course more content coming.

@silvio_eckl bought a gluten free beer.

As a long time nuxt user and fan (pre v1) I really love with how much energy and passion you nuxtify the world! Thank you! 😊

Thank you so much. Means alot to me to hear your feedback. Look forward to having that beer 😃. Thanks

davidparks bought a gluten free beer.

Debbie has been one of my most important learning resources when developing my website at Her Blog, YouTube and Twitter content have been invaluable! 

Thanks for the amazing feedback. I really appreciate it and it encourages me to do even more. Look forward to enjoying the beer 😃