Buy Debbie O'Brien a gluten free beer


Hey 👋

If you fancy buying me a beer then that would be great. I am probably the only developer in the world who doesn’t drink coffee. 🤷‍♀️ A beer would be amazing 😍. The more beer I drink the more amazing content I create. 🤭

Make sure you follow me on youTube and join me for some Nuxt fun: 

Thanks. You're the best!

@pedropcruzthe1 bought 2 gluten free beers.

A beer for you and Tim :D Thanks for your awesome streams, they're huge!

Dave Carey
Dave Carey bought a gluten free beer.
@pedropcruzthe1 bought a gluten free beer.

Love your work, thanks for share with the community <3

thank you so much

Samuel Horn af Rantzien
Samuel Horn af Rantzien bought a gluten free beer.

Nuxt superhero!

I just realised I never sent you a message to say thanks. sorry about that. Thanks. Really appreciated

@syropian bought 3 gluten free beers.

Debbie has been absolutely killing it with the educational Nuxt content! Enjoy the beers!

oh you are the best. thank you so much. I am really going to enjoy those beers. I promise you. And of course more content coming.