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A Strange Footprint Photographed by Walk ...

A Strange Footprint Photographed by Walkers on Beacon Fell. Saturday 10th April 2021

Apr 13, 2021

I was contacted by a lady in the Beacon fell area who came across a strange footprint in the Beacon Fell area of Lancashire. The lady is a regular reader here at BBR and I am very grateful that she not only contacted me about her find. She also included some photographs that she had taken along with a short description.

"Hi Deb, I read your blog and your BBR Facebook page every week and I thought you’d be the person to get in touch with about the strange print I found today.

I found what I think is a print on a recent outing. Myself and my partner went for a walk up Beacon fell in Lancashire last weekend and we came across this. Im not too sure what to think of it?! We went pretty early in the morning so there were not many people around at all. The weather wasn’t great either. It was pretty cold and wet.

I have tried to enhance the print so we can have a better look at it. There does seem to be a heel impression and what looks like a big toe. 

You can see there is still frost on the ground and I do think it would be highly unlikely that a human was running around in -2 weather in bare feet. What do you think?


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