Buy debscasey a coffee


Hi friend, thank you for clicking onto my 'buy me a coffee' profile.  I'm a qualified nurse, holistic therapist, Reiki practitioner and because of medical injuries I am unable to work in a formal post.  As such I changed my career.  I created and developed an online business.  I develop and produce online, multi-media training and education courses.  These are at the lowest fee around so that they are available to everyone - internationally.  

I also produce healing meditations, distance healing videos and these are free to all on Rumble.  I have also made videos about how masks harm, how to support your body if you have accepted the experimental vaccine and much more.  I also contribute and make small donations to various causes for our freedom... Please know I am deeply grateful for your support and hope you will join me on Rumble to experience deep healing and a lifting of your soul :)