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Hey everyone, thanks for your support AND COFFEE as the debunkthisfauci team works another late night to bring you accurate COVID-19 data.

We found the day the data was altered by the WHO and entered into the dashboard at JHU CSSE that was used by so many news agencies, governments and individuals from around the globe in an attempt to navigate the novel coronavirus outbreak.

We uncovered the data manipulation by the CDC and NVSS, all at the direction of Dr Anthony Fauci and the WHO. We found the connections to China, Vital Strategies, Resolve to Save Lives, Chan-Zuckerberg Foundation, Gates Foundation, paid social influencer campaigns, the censoring of information by Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and so much more!

We do not allow Youtube to monetize our videos or our channel because they are the ones censoring us. If you feel like showing us some love for the work we do we thank you in advance.

Please share our videos and most importantly the information they contain.