Avoid just reiterating the thesis. A common problem with conclusions is that people just repeat their thesis and summarize what has already been mentioned. This does not give readers a compelling reason to read the conclusion, as they know in advance what you are going to talk about.

  • Instead, try to take the reader "to the next level" within your conclusion or provide a deeper sophistication to the original ideas.

Resist the urge to include quotes. There is no need to obstruct the end of the essay with quotes and analysis, which should have already been included in the main paragraphs. The bottom line is where you put everything together for readers, not where you present new information to them.

Don't use fluffy language. Don't use a lot of pompous words in the conclusion. What you want is to be readable and relatable, not rigid and boring. It is much better to use clear and concise language than an incoherent statement full of excessively long words.

  • Also do not use the words "First", "Second", "Third", etc. to emphasize your points. Be clear about what you are mentioning and how many points you have.

Don't include new material in the conclusion. This is not the time to include new ideas or content. This takes focus away from the original argument and confuses readers. Do not mix things up, rely solely on the path taken by the essay, and express what you think after having carried out the necessary analysis.

Don't focus on a minor point or issue in the essay. The conclusion is not the section where you should talk about the trifles of the essay. In fact, it's the part of the job where you take a step back to see the big picture. Make sure the essay focuses on his very heart, not an insignificant part of it. These words are not a superior way to start the transition.


  • Always make sure to review your essay after you finish it. Check for correct spelling, vocabulary, and punctuation.

  • Always make sure to keep the information in the conclusion relevant. Also try to use your thesis statement to show the reader that your reasons fit the purpose of the essay.

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