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I'm a female solo traveler from Romania, which is not very common in this part of Europe. What l love about solo traveling is that I get to make my own schedule, meet locals from different cultures and it helps grow as a person (mostly because it gets me out of my comfort zone).
It's truly life-changing and I want to encourage more people to do it. 

As I am born & raised in Bucharest, I realized that traveling around Romania is not that easy. There are a few reasons, like a lack of enough highways to get you across the country.
But mostly because the truly useful information for a traveler is so spread around and takes hours to figure out how to explore Romania.

Here is were I want to step in and help travelers who come to Romania discover this beautiful country.

I started putting together all the useful info on my website 
This takes a lot of time, both or researching, but also exploring those areas myself (and this requires quite a big budget).

I started my website in January 2022 with info about Bucharest and I am extending it with guides for Transylvania.

If you find my mission impressive (even difficult) and my info useful or cool you can buy me a coffee.
l really love coffee! ❤ And it really fuels me the energy I need to keep going on this bold project.

If you want to get in touch with me don't be shy! :) 

Much love,
Andreea Journey

Insta: deea_journey