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Hi! 👋 Welcome to my Buy me a Coffee page.

My name is DeeDee. I'm a photographer who loves finding the beautiful, fun, quirky, peaceful moments in life. Life is full of enough stress and challenges. To offset that in my life, I've been purposeful about looking for the happy in the ordinary and celebrating it through photography. I'm so honored to have been able to share my work in galleries, art shows and magazines over the years.  I hope my images bring a little brightness and joy to your day! 

☕️ Your support and donations are greatly appreciated! 

Please check out my extras too. I'm just getting familiar with Buy Me A Coffee so I'll be adding more as I get the hang of this. :) I'm hoping to add options for prints and possibly a zine in the future. Thank you!  (Click the link icons to view my websites that feature both film and digital photography.)