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Select and manage your default account for 🎥 Google Meet, 📩 Gmail,  📆 Google Calendar, or any other Google service.

With the extension, you can:

1️⃣ Select the default account for all Google products.

2️⃣ Customize default accounts for each Google Product Separately.

3️⃣ Quickly switch between Google Accounts using the hotkey "Option (Alt) + {num}" (the shortcut is customizable).

It's common for users to have multiple Google Accounts: several personal, several work- or client-related. And it's annoying to switch between them every time you receive a Google Meet link or open

With the Default Google Account, you can, for example, set up work accounts for Meet and Calendar, personal for Gmail and Maps, client for AdWords and Analytics. 

Save yourself precious time and frustration by using our extension. 

🔐 We respect your privacy and don't collect any data (NO data is sent from your device), so there are no worries about security.

The extension is free to use. We'd appreciate it if you buy us a coffee if you find the extension useful) ☕️

Any feedback or suggestions, please send to [email protected]

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