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With the extension, you can:

1️⃣ Select the default account for all Google™ products (except Youtube™).

2️⃣ Customize default accounts for each Google™ product separately.

3️⃣ Quickly switch between Google™ accounts using the hotkey "Option (Alt) + {num}" (to edit/disable this shortcut type "chrome://extensions/shortcuts" in the URL bar).

It's common for users to have multiple Google™ accounts: several personal, several work- or client-related. And it's annoying to switch between them every time you receive a Google Meet™ link or open Gmail™.

With the Default Account Manager for Google™ products, you can, for example, set up work accounts for Google Meet™ and Google Calendar™, personal for Gmail™ and Google Maps™, client for AdWords™ and Google Analytics™. 

Save yourself precious time and frustration by using our extension. 

🗃 Default Account for Google™ products is a fully open-source project under BSD 3-Clause License. 

Visit our GitHub page:

🔐 We respect your privacy and don't collect any data (NO data is sent from your device), so there are no worries about security. What happens on your computer — stays on your computer.

The extension is free to use. We'd appreciate it if you buy us a coffee ( if you find the extension useful) ☕️

Any feedback or suggestions, please send to [email protected]

Developed with ❤️, 🍕, and 🐈 at Uptech ( and Sommo (

Note: Youtube™ uses a different account system, the extension does not work yet with Youtube™ accounts. We're working on that.

Disclosure: Google™, Google Meet™, Google Calendar™,  Gmail™, Google Maps™, AdWords™, Google Analytics™, Youtube™ are trademarks of Google Inc. Use of these trademarks is subject to Google Permissions.