"What does, or what would, it mean to fight progress, to refuse the trendlines and timelines offered? Neither to desperately cling to past regimes nor, crucially, to fetishize the way things were. Instead, to wonder, like certain strains of idiosyncratic apocalypticism at once anti-capitalist and anti-modern, if the savage might throw away his bow for a rifle in order to take aim at the very need to throw away the bow in the first place. To take up the arms of the contemporary capitalist world, either to beat it at its own game (a certain Communist vision of employing capitalist technology in order to develop productive forces beyond the limits of capitalist scarcity) or to take it down from within (alternately, versions of Italian workerism and certain Situationist and ultra-left cultural practices). The point, as always, is to stay a bit savage in the midst of all this mediated savagery, to fight for something more equal, organized, perhaps even clean and modern, by never going totally non-native."

- Evan Calder Williams, Combined and Uneven Apocalypse


Read. Concrete Jungle: A Green Beret's Guide to Urban Survival. "As cultural war clouds gather, cities are becoming the flashpoint. In this volume, retired Special Forces soldier Clay Martin teaches you how to survive it. A multi tour GWOT veteran and Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat instructor, as well as long time prepper and competitive shooter, Clay brings a different type of skill set to the party. From laying in supplies to siege proofing your apartment building, this volume answers the questions other experts cannot."

Play and Learn. The Deadly Skills Puzzle and Activity Book. "From former Navy Seal operative and best-selling author Clint Emerson comes a fun, challenging, and seriously useful activity book that tests your observation, concentration, memory, reasoning, sequencing, and logical thinking skills.

The Deadly Skills Puzzle and Activity Book is an entertaining companion to Clint Emerson's popular series of Deadly Skills survival guides. It features coloring pages, mazes, games, activities, and puzzles such as Pick the Pair, Spot the Difference, Killer Sudoku, Match Up, Word Search, and many more."

And, of course, some music. Limitless love to our friends in Hungary.

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