The Lost Land

by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, (1850 – 1919)

Ella Wheeler Wilcox was an extremely well known and loved esoteric poet of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. In The Lost Land Ella compares our personal stories to that of lost Atlantis.

There is a story of a beauteous land,

Where fields were fertile and where flowers were bright;

Where tall towers glistened in the morning light,

Where happy children wandered hand in hand,

Where lovers wrote their names upon the sand.

They say it vanished from all human sight,

The hungry sea devoured it in a night.

You doubt the tale? ah, you will understand;

For, as men muse upon that fable old,

They give sad credence always at the last,

However they have cavilled at its truth,

When with a tear–dimmed vision they behold,

Swift sinking in the ocean of the Past,

The lovely lost Atlantis of their Youth.

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