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So, picture this, You have spent a lot of time learning JavaScript, React and Node tutorials but, you need something to apply what you have learned? Low and Behold, I give you DevJect, a monthly membership that delivers in depth projects that give you more to do than a ToDo app! 

The majority of projects that are out there are either ToDo apps or some form of app that is generic / doesn’t give you a lot to think about. My aim for every project that I create is as follows: 

✔️ Real World Use cases

🎓 Learn something new and awesome

👨‍💻 Apply what you already know

🌇 Explore new technologies 

🏆 Provide new challenges

📈 Push Growth  

📝 Differentiate by having more than just a ToDo app

My name is George and I am a Software Engineer of 5 years, without a degree! I decided to create DevJect as a way of helping other developers find awesome projects to work on and encourage them to build things as this is the best way to learn how to code and avoid getting stuck in tutorial hell. 

You will Revive the Projects and all content on the 1st of each month & if you join during the month you will be sent an instant email upon subscription with the latest Projects & an invite to the slack community 😄.

First 10 Members will Revive Personalised Projects!