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DANNY : DE HEK, “THE CRYPTO PONZI SCHEME AVENGER“, my given nick name by the New York Times. I’m a YOUTUBER, PODCASTER, EDUCATOR and BLOGGER the purpose of this website is to show my audience what I’m passionate about. I’m a firm believer of omnipresence!

Academia has never been my forte. I’m 100% self-appointed and I’m proud to say I have the gift of DYSLEXIA. Technology has helped me overcome multiple stumbling blocks. Arguably, I have been an expert on the Internet since 1994. These days, I help people set up and manage their personal branding and provide IT SERVICES.

I provide educational training to help you survive and thrive in business. I am continuously producing WORKSHOPS of value to people who want to get the best out of technology, SUBSCRIBERS get full access to all my content. I also create dropshipping ecommerce stores for people looking for ways to make PASSIVE INCOME online. I connect diverse decision-makers at THINK TANK meetings where everyone gets a chance to share or learn from each others experience, knowledge and skills around business-related topics.

My blog provides comprehensive travel guides for ‘all things’ NEW ZEALAND as well as self-drive ITINERARIES for popular destinations. The WHAT : DE HEK podcast episodes range from, think tank recordings, interviews and my weekly show that I do every six weeks. Let’s talk or meet, schedule an APPOINTMENT. Join my TELEGRAM GROUP, it is a collective of people helping bring down scams. If you have any leads, images or videos, helping expose illegal MLM Ponzi schemes and scams please submit them via my CONTACT page to help fight the #SCAMDEMIC.