How to Deal With Imposter Syndrome

How to Deal With Imposter Syndrome

May 31, 2022

Last time I talked about the fear of success. Part of the fear of success is imposter syndrome.

Imposter syndrome is the belief that you're not as good as everyone says you are; that you're a fraud.

Artists are constantly thinking about how people perceive us and our work, so it's impossible to avoid a meeting with imposter syndrome at least once.

Here are three ways I deal with imposter syndrome:



We all have an ideal self in our minds. The reason we feel like imposters is because we aren't that artist yet. As long as we're mere mortals, we don't feel good enough.

But your audience doesn't see the perfect version of yourself in your head. They see you. They see you as you are right now. And that's enough. That's enough for them.

Keep working towards that ideal self - make yourself better as a person, as an artist, as a soul - but remember that your audience sees you as you are, and they like what you have to give.



My readers don't love my work because I'm the most skilled writer in all human existence. They love my work because my work makes them feel something. It expresses their feelings when they can't. It brings them joy. It makes them laugh.

Your audience doesn't connect with you because of your skill level, but because of the way you make them feel.

You can be the most brilliant, skilled artist in existence, but if you don't connect emotionally with the audience, it doesn't mean anything.

You can write the dumbest, most repetitive song of all time, but people will love you if the song makes them dance.

Skill is admirable, but emotional human connection is the reason your audience comes to you.



Welcome, suckers! I have swindled you out of precious time and money, giving you only perspective, entertainment, a chance to escape reality, love, romance, adventure, dreams, hope, and enjoyment in return.

If it pleases you, then I shall continue to be the greatest thief of all. I'm a con artist, a fraud, a thief, then I accept the title gladly. I will continue my tricks. If my con makes your heart full and your day a bit better, then I will continue to be the con artist.

I consider it my highest honor.


Do you struggle with imposter syndrome? What has helped you with imposter syndrome? Comment below!

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