Ready to try something new? Ready to get out of your comfort zone? Here are some things to remember:

#1 - Remember that you will suck

You won't naturally be good at most things. None of us are. That's okay! Just be prepared to be the least skilled person in the room. Prepare for some awkward, out-of-place feelings when you first start. But remember that you will get better in time if you don't quit! You might be terrible at first, but you can get better with time. Don't give up!

#2 - Be teachable

Show up ready to learn. Erase everything you think you know and understand. The fastest way to learn is to stop pretending you already know what you're doing. Accept the teachers' instructions and don't be stubborn. Ask lots of questions and be open to the answers.

#3 - Practice practice practice

The formula for talent = hard work x time. All the talented people around you got to that level of talent by practicing a lot over a long period of time. You have to earn your talent as well. Give it all you got! Schedule some time to practice for 10 minutes each day. (Don't try to practice for an hour a day when you first start something.)

#4 - Be patient

Good things take time to build. If you think you'll be able to speak a language in six months or be a pro dancer in less than a year, you might be too optimistic. Things take awhile to build. Remember to enjoy the process of getting better.

#5 - Don't try to do everything at once

Most people quit new endeavors for two reasons: feeling like they have no natural talent, or they get too overwhelmed. First, natural talent doesn't exist. (A God-given gift does. Natural talent does not. You have to earn talent!) Second, avoid getting overwhelmed by focusing on just one section at a time. Starting dance? Start with counting the beats. Starting art? Start with basic strokes. Starting writing? Start with basic sentences.

I can help you with the last one! If you want to start writing, follow me on YouTube for my series, HOW TO WRITE A SENTENCE. I'll teach you how to get started with creative writing, step by step!

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