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Weekly Writing Prompts (July 4th)

Jul 04, 2022

Need some writing prompts to get you motivated? Set a timer and spend 15 minutes on these prompts.

MONDAY - Look at the picture above. Write anything that comes to mind while you look at the picture for 15 minutes. (Use your five senses: sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch)

TUESDAY - Define "romance" in your own words. Why are we so attracted to romance and intimate relationships? Journal your thoughts.

WEDNESDAY - RELATIONSHIP PRACTICE: Write about two people in the middle of a fight, who approach conflict in completely opposite ways. Maybe one avoids conflict while the other faces it head-on. Or maybe one is passive-aggressive while the other is direct.

THURSDAY - You have become a merperson for the day. Write about what you would do, what you see, and who you meet as a merperson.

FRIDAY - Write for 15 minutes based on this word: sailing

SUNDAY - Listen to "Down" by Trella ft Simon and write a scene based on the song

Feel free to post some of your writing in the comments!

See you next week!

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