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My grandfather passed away with Dementia when I was only 16 years old. My grandmother has also passed away. I would like to highlight the elders of Dominica and share stories of other Caribbean countries including Barbados.

This feature film (60 mins) will focus on dementia, culture, and my personal journey in creating an impact in the lives of older people in Dominica. I want to highlight aging and living well in a cultural context. I believe that media is a powerful tool that can have an effect on our beliefs and perspectives, one being mental health and ageism. I would like to highlight and celebrate the elderly, create a realistic as well as a positive approach to older people in the media. I will explore holistic treatments for Dementia and engage in traditional dances in a quest to understand the recipe for the meaning of quality of life.

The Team 🤜🏽

Rianna Patterson: Producer & Director

Founder of Dominica Dementia Foundation and Queens Young Leader 2017, holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology. Rianna has been involved in social media campaigns such as time to talk firstly introduced by Time to Change UK. Rianna is also a freelance photographer and illustrator who participated in the 1st TrapxArt London Exhibition. She has also done videography for the Model Workshop in London. She has also been featured on Comic Relief, BBC, and a podcast called Black Gals Livin. Her passion for art, media, and film has grown over the years. She is keen to produce more work in this field. 

Clifford Webb: Editor

Founder of 1080 Media, a West London-based company. Established almost 12 years, they are a multi-award-winning team, having produced thousands of hours for clients around the world, with tremendous experience across online and traditional broadcast television, TV series production, news coverage and social media video delivery.

Gordon Gronbach: Videographer

Gordon is a videographer and lighting cameraman based in the UK. He has worked for ITV News, Ch4 News and BBC Newsnight as well as the RNIB, has filmed for Police Scotland. Gordon has also filmed an address to the women of Congo in French for World International Women's Day. 

Wendy Mitchell: Dementia Advisor

Wendy was diagnosed with dementia in 2014, aged 58. She is the author of "Someone I used to know". 

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Rianna Patterson

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