You got the brief now what.

(Template provided at the end💕)

First step, read the brief. Obvious much? I know.

Step no2, 👀 for inspiration & references! Now is the time to create a pinterest mood board for your logo!

no2 plus, brainstorm words that come to your mind when you think of the businesses name.

Step no3, pencil,eraser,sketch! 🏁 Start doodling the way you want the logo to look like. It can be only the initials of the business name, a maskot of it, a typography logo or whatever you (&your client) want it to be!

Step no4, after transferring your doodle into Adobe Illustrator or whatever program you’re using, AND MAKING SURE YOUR LOGO LOOKS GOOD IN BOTH BLACK AND WHITE BACKGROUND!!!!!!! It’s time to add some colour.


Logo Brief template



colour & style preferences:

future goals:

market competitors: