It happens to the best of us. We go on about our fabulous small *yet* businesses & then boom lack of motivation or maybe of a purpose hits our door.

The we feel that we need to figure this out or business will start failing bc of lack of direction. Maybe your business needs a change, and maybe you've changed this past year.

The cure is one. Sit down,write what you love, what works/is good & what more can you bring that will make a huge difference.

It's trully worth taking the time! And if you need an expert to help you figure these out,that's complete fine too! Might be even better & easier for you and your business.

It can get noisy out there ( on the web), so if you just sit behind your computer and do nothing nobody is going to know you’re there. ‘Promoting’ your business doesn’t have to be uncomfortable though, it’s about showing up authentically and building relationships with people.

That way people start to know who you are, what you do and how you can help them.

You need to get out there and be noticed for what you do.

And this last one and half-ish month before 2022 is the greatest chance for you to (re)brand your business & head into the new year feeling refreshed and like the baddest bitch of all! 🥂🥰

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