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I'm a creative virtual assistant and I help my clients by providing support with social media and various creative tasks.

On occasion, people (including clients) would like to thank me for going above and beyond. If this is you, money for coffee is always appreciated (until they come up with, of course 😂)

Thanks so very much!

Cheryl Strickland
Cheryl Strickland bought 5 coffees.

Something to enjoy during this pandeic. You are appreciated!

Shirley bought 5 coffees.

You're fantastic support to my business.  Thank you - have a coffee or 5!

Thank you so very much, Shirley!

You are welcome - and have a sticky bun too!

digitalannieuk bought a coffee.

Have a virtual coffee on me... until one day we can meet for coffee in person. Thanks for always being a sounding board when I need one x 

Thank you very much, Anna :)

Someone bought a coffee.

Thank you very much!

Cheryl Strickland
Cheryl Strickland bought 5 coffees.

So nice to find such a nifty way to say thanks for being such a wonderful, talented VA!! You deserve lotsa coffees.

Thank you so much, Cheryl! I sincerely appreciate it <3