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Private Coaching Session


Hi 🤗 thank you for your interest in my individual coaching program.

For over 20 years I have developed a workflow for delivering great photos and videos with the best equipment. The system is quick, simple, and can be learned by anyone. 

who is it for?

It’s for anyone who is interested in improving their daily workflows capturing, processing, and presenting photos and videos in practice, online and social media.

where does it happen?

It’s an online training that consists of individual coaching, homework, and practical examples using a variety of tools.

do I need any equipment?

If you already have any equipment, we can teach you to get the best out of it - or we can tell you what you need to improve your setup to be successful all the time.

LEARN at your pace

We are all busy. It is important to us that we pass on our passion for a photo, video, and social media to you so that you can be successful in your professional and online life.

Looking forward to coaching you to the next level

Best, Alessandro Devigus 

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