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👋Hi, I'm Denys 👋

I'm an open-source creator and maintainer, living in Kyiv, Ukraine, originally from Chernivtsi, Ukraine. I’m in love with programming, reading books, speaking, and organizing. I organize Chernivtsi JavaScript Community and translate amazing English-speaking resources to Ukrainian at ƛ LambdaBooks.

I’m the author and maintainer of these projects:

Spaceship ZSH — a super powerful and flexible prompt for Zsh, trusted by thousands of people.wtfjs — a collection of funny and tricky JavaScript examples.bash-handbook — a handbook for those who wanna learn Bash.learnyoubash, learnyouhtml and how-to-markdown — interactive CLI-workshops for NodeSchool.understandinges6ua, clojurescript-unraveled and thelittlebookofruby — books I translated to Ukrainian.
I believe in the power of community. When I was a poor first-year student who could not afford a ticket to the conference, the community gathered money and gave me that ticket - that’s how I visited my very first JavaScript conference. Thanks to a small group of people, I’ve opened a whole new world for myself.

Every single donation is important. Your donation is gonna make a clear statement: My work is valued.

Your donation is going to help me devote more time to open source. I'd love to be able to devote several hours per week to maintaining existing projects as well as creating new ones.

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