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Thanks for visiting my blog Discovering Belgium. I hope you find the posts interesting, useful, and fun to read.

You may have noticed that Discovering Belgium is totally advertisement-free. This is a conscious decision. So many blogs and websites these days are so cluttered with ads that they are difficult to read! Being ad-free keeps the reading experience smooth, simple and stress-free, so that you can focus on the content without getting distracted.

Unfortunately it also means I am turning down valuable income that would help to pay for the running of the blog. So if you find the blog useful, I would welcome a donation.

Moreover, everyone who donates can, if you choose to, receive one of my eBooks: 

1) A Guide to Children’s Outdoor Activities in Belgium 

2) A Guide to Identifying Farm Crops on a Country Walk

3) A Guide to Early Spring Flowers

When you make a donation, simply mention which eBook you would like to receive and I will send it to you!

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