The Activation Tour Week 1: Texas and Arizona

Follow along the first week of The Activation Tour as Derrick Broze and Miriam Gomez visit Austin and Dallas, Texas, and Show Low and Sedona Arizona! involved in The Activation Tour throughout the month of September and... more

Sep 09

The Activation Tour Hits the Road in 1 Week! Don’t Miss Out!

Derrick Broze shares a quick announcement regarding the launch of The Activation Tour! the locations and details:

Aug 25

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Derrick Broze Exposes 5G Dangers to Houston City Council (2018-2020)
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Aug 20

Free Thinker Radio (8/18/21): The People Are Rising

Derrick, Micah, and Johnny are back for another episode of Free Thinker Radio, your home for uncensored news and underground music.

Aug 19

NEW ARTICLE: Non-Profits Score Huge Victory In Battle Against 5G Technology

In a landmark decision, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit has ruled that the Federal Communications Commission failed to consider evidence of adverse health impacts from wireless technology, including 5G.

Aug 19

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Dr. Peter Hotez Is a Threat to Liberty
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Aug 08

Check out my #CyberPolygon article in Spanish!
Exposing the Technocratic-Transhumanist-CyberPandemic Agenda with Whitney Webb
Free Thinker Radio (7/14/21): Are The People Ready to Push Back?
Introducing Vegans Against Agenda 2030/ Vegans for Freedom
Can the Vaxxed & Unvaxxed Find Common Ground?