Amazon S3 Services

Oct 11, 2022


Today I wanted to take a look into AWS S3 service and all it offers. After reviewing the job descriptions for Python Developers, I noticed that many roles required the knowledge of AWS S3 and Boto3. In this blog I wanted to share some S3 notes that will help others along the way. Let's Go!

Boto3 - Python SDK for AWS which allows directly create, update and delete AWS resources from your Python scripts.

Amazon S3 - Simple Storage Service (2006) AWS first service

- S3 Focus on General Object Storage on the Cloud. ie: Like Dropbox.

- Big files, small files, media content, source code, spreadsheet, etc

- Scalable, Highly Avaliable, Durable, Support integrations with AWS

Useful in a variety of context:

- Website Hosting

- Database Backups

- Data Processing Pipelines

Core Concepts:

- Buckets: Is like a container or a general purpose file system.

- Objects: Content stored inside the buckets

- Media, JSON, ZIP files or Jar files, etc.

- Max Size : 5TB

- Accessed by:

ie: URL: http://s3.amazonaws.com/<bucketname>/<objetname>

ie: programmatically through code

ie: Interacting through the AWS console

S3 Storage Classes:

- allow you to reduce costs, but with sacrifices.... ie: availability, latency, etc...

- Examples: Standard, Intelligent, Infrequent Access, Glacier

- Each tier above has different pricing, latency, availability.

- Standard Tier (Hot Data) -> Infrequent Access (after 30 days) -> Glacier (Cold Data) (after 90 days). This can be configured and automated.

- Lifecycle Rules automate the data movement process.

S3 Security:

- Public access blocked by default.

- Data Protection - Highly durable and available guarantees, encryption in transit and at rest

- Access - Access and resourced based controls with AWS IAM.

- Auditing - Access logs, action based logs, alarms

- Infrasructure security - Built on top of AWS Cloud Infrastructure.


- Dependent on Storage Class

- Three main factors: Storage, Access (GET, POST, etc) Transfer

- 100GB of Storage, 10K PUT Requests, 10 Read Requests

- Standard Tier

- Infrequent

- Glacier

  • Free Tier: 5GB(Standard Tier), 20K GET, 2K Put

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