Hmm.. SOC Analyst ?!

Dec 21, 2022


Another great day within the world of technology. Over the last week or so I've researched a great deal about Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity. While undergoing the studies, I came to learn that a great way to get entry level roles within the field is to learn what a Soc Analyst consist of. While browsing TMH, I came across a path they offer in which gives you tutorials about the role, tools used and more. With the desire of getting into cybersecurity as fast a possible, I enrolled of the pathway and set a deadline to complete it in full. For today, let's take a moment to speak about Soc Analyst, what they do, and much more.

What is a Soc Analyst? Well first let's speak on the SOC which means (Security Operations Center). To be brief, they investigate, monitor, prevent and respond to threats in the cyber realm 24/7. These analyst are the first responders to all alerts in the field of cyber security. They review logs and take on making sure security of the systems focused on has no vulnerabilities. If they do get a real attack, SOC Analyst will find a way to reveal the details of the attack by examining it in full. They also develop add-ons to the suitable software used. Another purpose of the SOC Analyst is to make sure the downtime of any system attacked is very minimal. They are there to make sure if attacked, the system is back up in a matter of seconds. This is achieved by having the knowledge of new hacks, building automation tools for alerts and many other techniques.

The great thing about the SOC Analyst role is that many don't need a certification to begin. Much of the knowledge recommended however is within Networking, Security basics, some coding skills, clear communication and able to place action fast. The hours for the role is typically late nights, early mornings which is fine by me. I've been doing 3rd shift at these BS jobs I've had prior so doing it a bit more with a great role im passionate about won't do any harm. The salary on average for a SOC Analyst is $98K, but with the work you have to do....it's worth it. I mean eh, you are the first call to make sure all is well with systems for corp, then you would want to be compensated respectfully.

For future blog posts I will give details to the studies of becoming a SOC Analyst and how all is going. To my Python followers, stay tuned for much Python is actually used within cybersecurity. Right now, I just have to get myself in a great space to do more blogging. Hopefully these posts will provide some type of "gems" for you to carry on for your journey.

Until next time. Peace and Light.

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