While undergoing some studies in the Python world I wanted to speak brief about the topic of Jupyter Notebooks. Many aren't aware of Jupyter Notebooks when first getting into Python, but I must say it's truly a phenomenal product. So what is Jupyter Notebooks? Well Jupyter Notebooks (formerly known as Python Notebooks) is a web-based environment for creating Jupyter notebook documents. The format for the document is .ipynb so you may see some repos with the files yet don't know what they mean. One of the great features that I enjoy is that you are able to run code line by line getting a result. It's computing the data you have in chronological order allowing the developer to see the usage of the code in steps. For more info of the software, check out their website here: Also, I added a repo in which I was able to use Jupyter so you can see it in full action. Hope you enjoy!

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