Guild System Update (03/23/2021)

Guild System Update (03/23/2021)

Mar 23, 2021


Today Season 4 Episode 2 is hitting the ground running, we finally figured out the justification AND method of the (GSP) Guild System Points to (gp) Gold Pieces conversion rate.

10 GSP = 100 gold pieces

So far, I see little to know problems to explain why or how they are able to convert / gain the funds. Treach and Takk are beginning their guild soon with the retiring of S4E1 - Virydark. They are on the ground stages of the guild creation… more to come later of course. Sargrom already has an idea for his guild as well, he’s gonna get a character through in S4E2 hopefully and get them out to start a guild. So at least 2 new guilds forming in the next week or two.

Timelines have been set, I’m gonna start using the Forgotten Realms calendar system very soon. Each episode is spaced out by 1 weeks time in the game world.

With the conversion rate system in place #TheHolySanctum converted 100 GSP into 1000 gold pieces, but they immediately put those funds towards the players Kalugen and MrTickles (500 gold pieces per), to aid them in their future dive into Undermountain coming up. So far they are spending the time to heal up from the previous episodes wounds and possibly spending some time creating some spell scrolls.

The Shield & Shroud guild had a splintering and Gliding Eagle is the solo leader of it now. Gliding Eagle has been spending time and funds in the creation of Glyphs of Warding spells for purchase.

Points have begun to get moved around, and I think we have a good system in place. This system in ever changing but I think we have a solid foundation here. I will be trying to make updates maybe every other day with the moving and shaking up of the system and what the guilds are doing.

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