Season 4 has BEGUN! Details and Expenses ...

Season 4 has BEGUN! Details and Expenses - Fundraiser

Mar 21, 2021

Yesterday, Saturday 20th marked the launch of Season 4!

We have been working extremely hard leading up to this launch.

Mark and myself have been working hard on getting the Level 1 Visual Upgrade 100% completed. I have found some more patches I need to work on but that is easily done with this new system we have in place.

I have been working extremely hard on getting the Foundry backend in place to mimic how we ran Undermountain on Roll20. Easily copied from the Master File.

Every Guild leader has been working hard with me on finalizing their guilds for this new season and guild system.

I like being transparent with you as much as possible.

This jump to Foundry VTT just made a ton of sense.
Roll20 costs $9.99 a month with limited upload storage and even more limited compendium and restrictions that prevented a lot of improvement.

Foundry VTT cost $50 upfront and I host the server for free.
DungeonDraft cost is $20 upfront, this is the visual map making software we use to make wonderful maps and the visual upgrades.

LEGENDKeeper is $5 a month to hold the Atlas + Wiki for the next phase in our project... Multiple DMs and a singular file to run it from. ($60 a year)

DNDBeyond Master Subscription is $60 a year for the Character Sheet creator, and sharing all the content we use with each episode.

Foundry VTT Module - DDB Importer for the premium features (exporting back to DNDBeyond) is $4.50 a month ($54 a year)

Yes, the costs are a bit more but I chose those to add to the smoother feeling for the players and for myself the DM. Your donations, subscriptions and bits all go towards helping pay those costs down.

Last year we had a successful fundraiser for the DNDBeyond Sourcebook Bundle. This year we're gunning for the $450 Legendary Bundle for absolutely ALL content for this game. More monsters, magic items and content!

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