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Since went live on 28th March,  over 2 million people from Ireland, Spain, France and South Africa have used it over 6 million times to find their exercise limit during restrictions.

The application started off to show a 2km radius where people could exercise under government regulations, over the subsequent weeks it was updated to show a 1KM and 5KM limit for Spain, France and South Africa.

At the beginning of August 2020 a 6 week lock down in Melbourne, Australia with an exercise and shopping limit, saw 400,000 visitors to

The application is developed and funded by Devhaus, a software development company based in Wexford.

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Someone bought a coffee.
Someone bought a coffee.
Matt from Melbourne
Matt from Melbourne bought a coffee.

This has been a great help to work out our 5km zones for exercise, and shopping.  Thanks. 

Someone bought a coffee.
Anthony from Melbourne
Anthony from Melbourne bought a coffee.

Love this.  Thanks for sharing.