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Since went live on 28th March,  over 2 million people from Ireland, Spain, France and South Africa have used it over 6 million times to find their exercise limit during restrictions.

The application started off to show a 2km radius where people could exercise under government regulations, over the subsequent weeks it was updated to show a 1KM and 5KM limit for Spain, France and South Africa.

When the road map to reopening Ireland was published the application was updated for the Irish 5KM and 20KM limits.

In response to user feedback and in time for the phase 2 of the reopening, the application was updated to allow for placing multiple pins on the map to show the over lapping radius where people could meet, a feature to search for an address, the ability to share your location with someone and the ability to choose any radius.

The application is developed and funded by Devhaus, a software development company based in Wexford.

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