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Since went live on 28th March,  over 3.5 million people from Ireland, Australia, Spain, France, South Africa and many more countries have used to find their exercise limit during restrictions.

The application was originally developed to show a 2km radius where people could exercise under government regulations in Ireland in March 2020, over the subsequent weeks it was updated to show a 1KM and 5KM limit for Spain, France and South Africa.

At the beginning of August 2020 a 6 week lock down in Melbourne, Australia with an exercise and shopping limit, saw over a million visitors to

The application is developed and funded by Devhaus, a software development company based in Wexford.

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Really helpful & easy tool to help people explore their 5K limit without the worry, well done, thanks

Ruth Grey
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Thank you kindly! You're we page has been very helpful over the past couple of months 👍

Karl Brown
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Been a very helpful tool since march. Thank you 😁

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