Mar 24, 2023

I miss 2015

The world is fucked eh? can you believe some people don’t think pineapple belongs on pizza. Losers.Anyway, you’ll notice the tone of my tiktok settle down a lot. I’m going to take some time off to write some books, and reorganize my channels to more reflect the brand I am looking to establish.When I first started making content, I did political videos and called out racism, bigotry and misogyny, not only because hate needed to be put in its place, but also because it was the... more

Mar 16, 2023

A New Sky prologue rewritten As chapters1-3

Hey everyone! I have gone back and rewritten the beginning of A New Sky and figured I should Include the first draft (Amazon policy) for anyone that has also purchased my book. Let me know what you think!This is unedited, so there will be flaws. Due to being enrolled in kindle unlimited, I can not post the final draft of what will be in the published book.Chapter 1:"I'm back... and i'm naked" Derrick looked up as the sun shinned through the trees surrounding him. He looked... more

Jan 02, 2023

New dad joke book out!

Hey everyone! I have a dad joke book available for purchase. Perfect for any occasion… except Father’s Day.Check link below:

Dec 12, 2022

Sequel is out !

Hello everyone 🙂My sequel is published!!!Here is the link: you haven’t read my first book, here is the link:Thank you 😊 🙏

Oct 24, 2022

Does anyone see this?

I keep wanting to engage more with this blog… does anyone see this? Maybe I should try patreon 🤔

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Oct 16, 2022

Pay me to say anything

I will make a video on my TikTok/YouTube and read out whatever script you want me to with only a few ground rules:1) nothing that targets marginalized groups or promote hate/misinformation.2) nothing promoting violence or slander.3) nothing that mocks or belittles members of a marginalized group.4) not insulting anyones looks or appearance. (Unless it’s my own, have at it) 5) no directly targeting anyone in any way.the aim for this is to be fun and creative and if it’s... more

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