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Paweł Mandes

Paweł Mandes

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I am an Android developer and enthusiast of retro computers. I create tutorials sharing knowledge.

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My article on how to upgrade your 8-bit Atari. I describe how to mount three extensions: Ultimate 1MB (additional 1024kB RAM and many other features), Simple Stereo and Sophia Rev.C (digital video output via DVI). en.devzine.pl/2019/09/23/how-to-upgrade-your-atari-with-ultimate-1mb-stereo-and-sophia-dvi/
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Here is my first retro-tutorial: "DIY: Improved SDrive-MAX - a hardware disk drive/tape recorder emulator for Atari 8-bit computers based on Arduino."  en.devzine.pl/2019/05/08/how-to-build-sdrive-max/
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