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The Eldritch Man

Apr 10, 2023

The Eldritch Man is a recurring figure throughout the three genres of the Ainerêve universe, representing the cosmos' core existential purpose and reality. In the fantasy genre, he is known as Nerthach, the sole male member of the druidic Gan Creadigeath and the chosen representative to the shee creatures of Meath and Maedoen, and the gods. Although his role may seem specific to one culture or people, he is more than he appears to be, even to himself.

In the modern horror suspense genre, the Eldritch Man takes on the name Dreamweaver, embodying the power of dreams and their influence on reality. His mysterious and unsettling presence reflects the genre's Lovecraftian elements and emphasizes the human imagination's importance in shaping the cosmos.

In the space opera genre, the Eldritch Man becomes The Navigator, tapping into the unsettled energy of Ainerêve and wielding it as a powerful tool. Although he may not know of his ties to the other genres, his presence echoes the overarching theme of the power of dreams and their ability to shape the cosmos.

Together, the Eldritch Man's various incarnations form a three-aspect deity, akin to those found in Hindu mythology, unifying the core themes of Ainerêve and its emphasis on the power of the human imagination. Despite his specific roles in each genre, the Eldritch Man remains a mysterious and enigmatic figure, representing the underlying nature of reality itself.

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