Buy Dhurata Davies a coffee!


Hello there!

I created a 'buy me a coffee' account for all those lovely customers who have enquired, wishing to support my small pattern business as a thank you for the free content I have created on my blogs recently, especially the free face mask pattern and tutorial!

This is not at all a request, just an option if you really wish to show your gratitude that way. Please don't feel obliged, but do know that every penny will be appreciated and used towards the development of new and exciting patterns. 

In addition, £1 out of every 'cup of coffee' received will be donated to NHS Charities Together!

Thank you and stay safe, Dhurata x

Susan Millard
Susan Millard bought 2 coffee!s.

Thank you very much - very much appreciated.  Susan

@spooky_c bought a coffee!.

This is my favorite pattern of all time, and I have tried many. Thank you for making it available.

Kurt Spear
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Carrie bought a coffee!.

Thank you very much for the face mask pattern. 

Mei Ling Julie Lam
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