Buy Dhurata Davies a coffee!


Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for taking the time to contribute with 'coffees' here. I truly appreciate your kindness and your messages have more than once reduced me to tears. I love hearing from you all even if I'm unable to reply to every message individually. 

As ever, £1 out of every 'cup of coffee' received will be donated! I started by donated to NHS charities exclusively, but have decided to spread the love a little and donate to other equally important charities! Details will always be listed below. 

£456 donated to NHS Charities Together to date (21.08.2020)

£105 donated to Breast Cancer Now for breast cancer awareness month - (16.10.2020)

£30 donated to Chestnut Tree House for a school fundraising event - (26.11.2020)

£41 donated to My Sister's House - (22.01.2021)

Thank you again and stay safe out there, Dhurata x