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Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for taking the time to contribute with 'coffees' here. I truly appreciate your kindness and your messages have more than once reduced me to tears. I love hearing from you all even if I'm unable to reply to every message individually. 

As ever, £1 out of every 'cup of coffee' received will be donated! I started by donated to NHS charities exclusively, but have decided to spread the love a little and donate to other equally important charities! Details will always be listed below. 

£456 donated to NHS Charities Together to date (21.08.2020)

£105 donated to Breast Cancer Now for breast cancer awareness month - (16.10.2020)

Thank you again and stay safe out there, Dhurata x

Jill from France
Jill from France bought 3 coffee!s.

You are an absolute genius!! This makes the best fitting mask that I have found. The pattern was so comprehensive that I was easily able to adjust it to fit my face (think size L for nose to mouth and size S for width!). You are making a huge contribution to keeping people safe, and it is so very kind of you to share it with us all. Good luck with your patterns and tutorials, you thoroughly deserve the best of good fortune.

Someone bought a coffee!.
Benedikt bought a coffee!.

Thanks for sharing this, it looks amazingly good. I made a bigger one to fit my beard in. It was a bit of a challenge 'cause i had no printer at hand, but by way of measuring & drawing i got close enough... Also my first real experience with my mum's old sewingmachine.

Elana Nunez-Tiso
Elana Nunez-Tiso bought a coffee!.

This is my favorite mask pattern. Thank you!

Rhea Gordon
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