Below is a link with the original article that was published by the John Hopkins University on November 22, 2020. The article survived on the internet only a couple of hours and was pulled down right away, because it exposed the truth about COVID-19 mortality rate calculations and more specifically the over-exaggeration of the death numbers creating panic and mass hysteria in order to achieve a specific goal - the long awaited globalist-overlords' plan for a "Great Reset" where we all become trapped in slavery for the rest of our lives - that is for those of us who manage to survive Bill Gates desire for mass depopulation of the planet.

In the article you will notice that while COVID-19 deaths increase dramatically, deaths from other significant diseases decrease dramatically as well, suggesting that the COVID-19 death toll is misleading and grossly exaggerated. You will also notice that seemingly COVID-19 has miraculously managed to completely eradicate the common seasonal flu - an astonishing fact that can lead you to only one plausible conclusion: that deaths from other causes are systematically miss-classified as COVID-19 deaths in order to perpetuate a certain narrative that is suitable to the goals of the ruling class.

I encourage you to research the matter for yourself and not be afraid to make a bold decision in relation to giving away your rights in the name of preventing a disease that has shown to have an average survival rate of 96%. We can still protect the vulnerable among us without destroying our economy and lives while giving away our rights. Slavery is not the solution for a disease that has exactly the same mortality as the common seasonal flu.

Denying the facts doesn't change the truth.

TRUTH Lives Here:

The image below shows CDC data reported on September 25th, 2020: