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I am a day trader who loves helping people and loves the market.

I especially enjoy helping my fellow traders with Sierra Chart. I find it to be one of the most powerful trading tools for any trader's tool arsenal. Sierra Chart has unlimited potential to help trades of any level. I have learned all the ins/outs of this powerful trading app. Many of you have asked for more Sierra Chart content, 1-on-1 consultations, new charts, and overall support. I am offering my expertise to traders new to the app, and to those that simply want to learn more about it.

I am incredibly grateful for your support and feedback these past few months. This year I have been able to create direct communication between the Sierra Chart team and myself, which led me to create a Discord server available for all my BMC members. Now I can provide more personalized Sierra Chart support and much more curated content.

Join me now in this new stage of my Sierra Chart Support content creation!

I hope to be of help to you and that you find my content useful. 
Thank you for your support!