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I'm a mostly self-taught electronics hobbyist dabbling in a bit of programming, process management, and IT projects. I enjoy teaching others what I've learned along the journey.

Thanks for checking out digiblurDIY and supporting us. We are putting all donations back into exciting content for many others to enjoy and learn from. A fun and very rewarding hobby where everyone learns and helps others.

We focus on DIY Home Automation and Smart Home products that are easy to put together that are cheaper and offer many additional features than more expensive ones. HomeAssistant combined with Tasmota open source firmware is an awesome project that can unlock a huge amount of potential of many products on the market and some you might already own.

Here at digiblurDIY we teach some down to earth basics to solve real world problems you might encounter on your journey into the smart home field.

Check out our videos and let us know what else you'd like to see us review or expand with additional features.